Life Profile of Founder Sheihul Mufliheen M.S.M. Abdullah (Rah).

Sheihul Mufliheen M.S.M Abdullah (Rah) hails from Nappattimunai, a village in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. He was born on 25th July, 1925 to an affluent and respectable family in his village and was popularly known as “PAILVAAN” in Tamil, meaning a “WRESTLER” in English. His Father, Sinnathamby Hajiar was a Landed Proprietor and his Mother, Mariam Beevi was a devoted wife to her husband and an affectionate and caring mother to her children. His parents spent a great deal of their time in social and religious activities.

After a few years he moved to Maruthamunai, an adjacent village and settled down there until his demise. He departed from this world on 6th December, 2006 after a brief illness.

At the tender age of 10 he developed a great flair to seek the eternal truth of life. His desire to attain his vision persuaded him to indulge in extensive research on Quran, Hadeeth and a wide range of books. He was engaged in various vocations such as a Wrestler, a Teacher and in other Fields of Art with total commitment towards his task. He succeeded in reaching the sublime state of enlightenment at 35 years.

He devoted his whole life on the noble service of serving the humanity by propagating the true meaning of Kalimathuththayiab "LA ILAHA ILLALLAH" the basic manthra (slogan) to attain eternal Peace and Tranquility in this worldly life and hereafter.

To substantiate his vision he authored many books including 181 spiritual songs written and composed by him and many of them are translated to English for the benefit of the English readers. It is our firm belief that his life is eternal in the spiritual world, though his physical body that was buried at All Ceylon Thareekathul Mufliheen Head Office and Meditation centre was exhumed and buried elsewhere by certain nefarious elements with extremist views, totally ignorant of his true doctrine.