Of him seeks (its need) every creature in the Heavens and on Earth. Every day he is in a different state.

By: Mufliheen.org | Posted on: 6/21/2014

This again creates doubt. Let us stick to important aspects. I seek the help of a cobbler when the strap of my footwear breaks. For food, seek the assistance of money; to cook seek the wife’s assistance. The beggar with the assistance of a walking stick seeks the help of the rich man. Let us consider other actions of this sort. Considering the person who requests help and his material walking stick as two separate entities different from Allah amounts to not understanding the Quran. Quran is Allah’s spoken words. There cannot be fallacy or conflict. You cannot twist or turn it around. Whoever, wherever, from whatever one asks for help or assistance it amounts to seeking help and assistance from Allah. This is the meaning of this Ayah. The creation that is the Surath or form seeking help, asking help and the Rabb without Surath or appearance in a state of Baatin giving help; doing help, refusing are all himself. There is none other than himself – the truth of the Kalimah that is explained and confirmed by this Ayah. The Surah 2:165 and other such Ayat expressing that Allah is omnipotent and omniscient is with regard to this truth.

Mushrik is classified as a person who in the state of Ananiyath (ego) believes that he seeks help from those who are not Allah and from that which is not Allah. We should understand that however high a person may be he cannot live at any time or place without the help and assistance of the rest of the creations (both living and nonliving) in the universe. Even when the strap of the footwear breaks we have to seek the help of Allah. We should know that the cobbler who mends the shoe is a Surath of Allah and the energy that emanates too is Allah’s. If this is not factual, then we cannot find a single person without Shirk. It is true that it is not Shirk to seek help from Rasool (Sal), Awliya or place our hope for their Safath. A Mumin who believes that the Awliya and good men are special Surath of Allah and the energy, help, and assistance emanates from them is Allah’s; then even seeking help from nonliving matter does not become Shirk. Let us analyze and compare the Tawheed in Islam and the present day monotheistic belief of Wahabis and get clear of the truth. There are numerous supporting evidences to confirm that al the l creations in the universe are the appearance – Surath of Allah.

[Al-Quran on Oneness of Being – (Page 102)]